Authorized Cand.Psych. in Århus

I have many years of experience in treating children, adolescents, families and adults. Treatments are organized in a collaboration with a main focus on what is experienced as helpful and useful for the individual.

I also offer supervision to psychologists for authorization, as well as supervision of other professional groups, such as health professionals and employees at the municipality.

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Authorized by the Board of Psychologists since 2006. Assigned to the danish health insurance since 2018, subsidy can be granted for the treatment.

By the Danish Board of Psychologists, I have been approved for a practical training of two years, where i became an authorized psychologist. Being an authorized psychologist means that I am approved to receive referrals from doctors and work with the public health insurance and “Sygesikring Danmark”. First, I had to pass a master’s degree in psychology and then undergo a supplementary practical training of 2 years duration. 
After five years at university i am allowed to use the academic title Cand. Psych., alongside with the protected title Psychologist. With this title, however, also comes a declaration of trust and responsibility to be able to understand and handle living human destinies. The entry requirements for training as a Psychologist are therefore high. So I, as a Psychologist, can reproduce and critically reflect on, as well as navigate in a large and diverse, theoretical landscape. The protected title Psychologist may be freely combined when entitled to it, and may be known from titles such as child psychologist, occupational psychologist and organizational psychologist, which I am. As a psychologist I always work from a specific set of values, no matter what I work with.

As a psychologist, I also think its important to have a certain quality in my work and values. This includes integrity and transparency. Integrity is contexts in actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and results. In terms of transparency, it is important to me that there is transparency and openness in what I do and say.
Authenticity is also a value I prioritize a lot. As a psychologist, I find it important that my work is original, genuine and believable. In short terms, I say what I do and do what I say.

As an occupational psychologist / organizational psychologist, I have expert knowledge and an interest in being a well-functioning person in the workplace, regardless of whether it is as a manager or employee. An occupational psychologist / organizational psychologist works amongst other things with the development and assurance of well-being in the workplace for all and the prevention of stress – in other words with the development of a good and healthy organization. Occupational psychologists work with managers, employees, groups and with concepts, such as culture, values and strategy.
An occupational and organizational psychologist (or occupational psychologist) is a psychologist with special knowledge regarding the behavior of individuals and groups in relation to organizations and work, as well as knowledge of processes in organizations. This knowledge can in connection with organizational and personnel development, advice on work climate, conflict resolution, staff recruitment, etc.

Working as a Psychologist requires a great amount of knowledge about psychological theories, and you need to be good at helping and talking to people who are having a hard time. I hope everyone who meets me and knows me will nod in recognition that I live up to this. Psychologists can specialize in child psychology, adult psychology and work and organizational psychology.
My experience comes from:
Personnel psychologist and organizational psychologist at Red Cross since 2012.
Head of Family Treatment Institutions, in 2 municipalities until 2011.
Manager for 33 employees. Overall responsibility for four different wards’ treatment of 0 -18-year-old children and young people – with their families in connection to all kinds of social and psychological problems.
Head of the Child Counseling Center, South Jutland County Therapeutic function for 0-18-year-old children and young people and their families. Supervision and control throughout the county. 1986 Adult counselling, Amtsgård.

Selection of positions of trust:
Appointed to the High Court by the National Board of Justice for the City Court as a judge in psychology January 2018
Appointed by the State Administration, now the Family Court as a psychological expert in several municipalities 2010
Member / deputy member of the Psychology Board November 2018
Board member of the Independent Psychologists Section since 2018.

Board member of the Owners’ Association CeresPark Ceresbyen Aarhus August 2018
Chairman and deputy chairman of Ejerforeningen Vest in Vestervang Aarhus February 2014
Deputy chairman / board member of the Organizational Psychological Society of the Danish Psychological Association Society January 2014.
Deputy chairman of a large Owners’ Association, Vestervang sections 4,5,6,9 and 10 in Aarhus since 2013-2018, the last years as chairman.

Supplementary professional information:
EuroPsy (European Certificate in Psychology) March 2014
Experiences with EMDR and hypnosis.

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europsy psykolog