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As processes personal information, I have adopted this privacy protection policy, so you know how I process your data.

Data controller and contact information is the data controller, and I ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

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Jytte Skau
Phone: +45 23 26 63 18

2. What data is collected
I use data about you to improve the service and to ensure quality in our products and services as well as in contact with you.

2.1. Automatically collected data’s website is based on various technologies with the aim of ensuring user-friendliness and security. These technologies can automatically collect data in order to offer the best possible solution, either directly by or by third-party companies on behalf of Analysis of data and placement of cookies are examples of this.

Every visit to a digital solution involves sending information from your browser to a server. It is through analysis of this data that optimizes the digital solutions. Data is collected via a third party on behalf of Data may be collected about your computer for system administration purposes. This data is statistical information about the behavior of users in the digital solutions. Examples of data that are collected and possibly analyzed subsequently are:

Date and time of visit to the website
Overview of the pages visited in the solution
The IP address of the visitor
Information about the browser and device used (type, version, operating system, etc.),
URL from referral site (the page from which the visitor came to the website).

2.2. Information you provide yourself
In addition to the information that is collected automatically, we also process data that users have actively provided to us.

Examples of data that users actively submit are:

Contact information for requests for offers or other inquiries via the contact forms
Information you share with us via social media, including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
Information sent by e-mail, including job applications and the like.

Use and storage of collected data
3.1. Purpose of collection
The following are examples of the use of the information collected:

Ensuring ease of use and security
Website and content optimization
Submission of tenders

3.2. Storage
The information is stored for the period permitted by law and is deleted when it is no longer needed. The period depends on the nature of the information and the background of storage. Specifically, the following can be stated about storage periods:

As far as’s customers are concerned, I basically keep your contact information and data until 3 years after the end of the customer relationship.

3.3. Disclosure of information only passes on customer information to third parties in accordance with what is stated in this privacy policy. may pass on your information, if I am obliged to pass on or share data, in order to comply with a legal obligation. Disclosure may also be made at the direction of a court or other authority, or to protect trademarks, rights or property. This involves exchanging information with other companies and organizations for protection against fraud. uses service providers and data processors who perform work on behalf of the company. also uses a number of third parties for the storage and processing of data. These will be contractually obligated to treat all data strictly confidential, and thus are not allowed to use data for anything other than what is covered by the contractual obligation to me, and I check that my partners comply with these obligations. only uses data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection. If passes on your information to a service provider or data processor outside the EU, I ensure that I comply with the requirements of the law for such transfers. may link to other websites. If you use such links, you leave the website and are then subject to other conditions and personal data policies, for which cannot be held responsible.

4. Cookies uses cookies, which make it possible to collect relevant information about the website’s users, which is used to improve the website and its content. This also applies to third-party cookies.

4.1. What are cookies and why are they used?
Cookies are a text file that is stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you visit a website and aims to recognize it, remember your settings, perform statistics and target ads specifically to you. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information on your computer, spread viruses or other malicious programs. Cookies are used by virtually all websites.

By collecting information about the number of users and the traffic on the website, it opens up opportunities to make the website work, facilitate its use and not least target marketing to the website’s users.

If places cookies, you will be informed about the use and purpose of collecting data via cookies. Before places cookies on your equipment, we ask for your consent. Necessary cookies to ensure functionality and settings can be used, however, without your consent.

4.2. Which cookies are used

Cookies are stored for 1 month.

4.3. Delete or disable cookies in the browser
If you do not want this information to be collected, you have at any time the option to delete your cookies and in future not use the website.

You can also reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you are using.

Just be aware that if you delete or block cookies, ads may become less relevant to you, appear more frequently, and your internet browsing will be made unnecessarily cumbersome. You may also risk that the website does not work optimally, and that there is content that you can not access.

All browsers allow you to delete your cookies collectively or individually. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. Remember that if you use several browsers, you must delete cookies in all used browsers.

5. Your rights
5.1. In general
If you wish to access your data, have it corrected or deleted, or object to’s data processing, I will investigate whether this is possible and give you an answer to your inquiry as soon as possible and no later than one month after I have received your inquiry. .

5.2. You have the right to access your personal data
You have at any time the right to be informed which data processes about you, where they originate from and what they are used for. You can also be informed how long stores your personal data and who receives data about you, to the extent that I pass on data in Denmark and abroad.

If you request it, I can give you access to the data I process about you. However, access may be restricted for the protection of other persons’ privacy, to trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

You can exercise your rights by contacting me. My contact information can be found at the top of point 1.

5.3. You have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected or deleted
If you believe that the personal data that processes about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. You must contact me and state what the inaccuracies are and how they can be corrected.

In some cases, I will have an obligation to delete your personal data. This applies, for example, if you want to withdraw your consent. Your consent is voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time by contacting me. Use the contact information under point 1 if you wish to withdraw your consent.

If you believe that your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which I collected it, you may request that it be deleted. You can also contact me if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations.

When you contact me with a request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, I will investigate whether the conditions are met, and if so, implement changes or deletion as soon as possible.

5.4. You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data
You have the right to object to’s processing of your personal data. You can also object to’s disclosure of your data for marketing purposes. You can use the contact information at the top of point 1 to submit an objection. If your objection is justified, I will make sure to stop processing your personal data.

5.5. In certain cases, you have the right to have your data disclosed
You have the right to receive the personal data you have made available to and the ones I have obtained about you from other actors on the basis of your consent. If processes data about you as part of a contract to which you are a party, you can also have your data sent to you. You also have the right to transfer this personal data to another service provider.

If you wish to exercise your right to data portability, you will receive your personal data from me in a commonly used format.

5.6. You have the right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency
as data controller, is subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Act (including the EU Personal Data Regulation and national personal data legislation) on the processing of personal data.

If you experience a violation of your privacy during the use of or through other interactions with, you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

The Data Inspectorate’s contact information:
The Data Inspectorate
Borgergade 28, 5.
1300 Copenhagen K

Phone: 33 19 32 00
Fax: 33 19 32 18


6. Version
This privacy policy was last modified on April 9, 2021.