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Psychologist in Århus with many years of experience

As a Psychologist, I work to help other people with their personal problems and development through conversations. The term “Psychologist” and the corresponding academic abbreviations have the status of protected title and are thus reserved for persons with completed master’s degree as Cand. Psych. In addition, I am Authorized by the Board of Psychologists and am approved to receive medical referrals.

As a Psychologist, I deal with many different areas of human psychology and have experience with it. It typically occurs from conversations in connection with various mental disorders and emotional dilemmas such as stress, anxiety, depression, or in connection with life crises such as grief, divorce or exam anxiety. Self-esteem and eating disorders are also something I can help with. Suicidal thoughts, postpartum depression and diagnoses as well.

I have chosen to combine my knowledge and interest, and therefore also offer services in both the psychological field and the occupational psychology / organizational psychology field.
The reason for this is that I with my knowledge, experience and work with psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression is also a part of my work. In the same way, my knowledge, experience and work in the field of occupational psychology / organizational psychology can be used in connection with conversations during psychological disorders. In other words, most people with psychological disorders also go to work, and at work we also meet people with greater or lesser mental problems.

In supervision, it is the professional learning and development I work with, so professional development and focus on the quality of the practical professional practice and also the well-being at work, is in focus here. Supervision is a method used as a professional development method among psychologists who work with people. Supervision is exercised by a supervisor who has special experience in the professional field. My own experiences as a leader are therefore relevant. The recipients of supervision are called supervisors. Supervision can be given to individuals or to smaller groups. The supervision takes place in a time-limited framework. Supervision has a special focus on the people who must benefit from the professional work of the profession.

When I work with leadership coaching, I focus on the important balances in the “leadership life”. You make an impression, with the way you express your managerial “will and style”. And the way your employees react impresses you. Understanding the effect of how you as a leader act, communicate and react requires a good psychological understanding. It is not least an essential connection with job satisfaction.

Psychology means, directly translated from Greek, the doctrine of the soul, within the clinical or scientific context. In modern, academic psychology, the concept of soul has long been replaced by words such as psyche, mind, self, or consciousness. A holistic question about physical anchoring and unification of thoughts, body and emotions.

I would like to draw attention to my experience due to:
Mentor for managers 2 every other year mediated by the Danish Psychologists Association since 2014.
Executive MBA at Aarhus School and Business, management in change 2010 and 2013.

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