Authorization of psychologists

The authorization education is an education in practice under supervision. A psychologist can be authorized no earlier than 2 years after completing a master’s degree in psychology and must have received at least 160 hours of supervision.

The Board of Psychologists, which reports to the Ministry of Social Affairs, handles the authorization of Danish psychologists.

Requirements for authorization
On the Psychology Board’s website, you can find a description of the requirements that must be met in order to obtain authorization. Among other things, there is a requirement that the psychologist must have received 160 hours of supervision. The Danish Psychologists’ Association recommends that, if you later become interested in becoming a specialist, you only submit documentation to the Psychology Board for 160 hours, even if you should have received more than 160 hours of supervision. The supervision hours in addition to the 160 hours acquired after the master’s examination and before the authorization can be used for specialist approval if the supervisor meets the requirements.

In connection with the individual specialist educations, there are special requirements for supervision, the requirements can be found in the specialist education booklet under the individual specialties.

If you have completed a long-term continuing education that meets the requirements for the specialist education in psychotherapy before you were authorized, the supervision hours from this must not be included in the authorization application. If they have been used for authorization, the course will not be approved in Basic theory.

There has been and may continue to be an unequal practice in the Psychology Board in connection with the approval of external supervision hours. Thus, some psychologists have had their external supervision hours approved, while others have not, even though the circumstances seem to be similar. We must therefore encourage our members to seek the necessary guidance from the Psychology Board before entering into an agreement on an external supervision course.